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hello Daddy!

Posted on: May 28, 2007

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hello Daddy!, originally uploaded by shannon_o.

Good morning/night! We’ve made it through another day.

Aidan has been amazing – very sweet, helpful and understanding. He even cleaned up the living room with me before coming to bed (without crying!)

Yesterday we had a playdate with Sequoia and Sage. Everybody had fun and was well behaved. (yes, I just typed that sentence!) It was the best playdate ever.

I talked to Craig twice and he’s doing well. Before he left I was concerned about how we would communicate. He assured me his cell phone would work in china. I laughed… right? And guess what, his phone does not work in china….but it might, if he gets the right sim card and switched over to an international account and since it’s memorial day here and a workday their it will be a few more days…

LTA (love to all),


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  • Gramsey: I love seeing the pictures of Ariana at her school. She seems to having a ball. I am glad she has some sand to play with. LTA
  • Gramsey: They look like they are having so much fun. LTA Gramsey


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