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RIP Mikey – 1995-2007

Posted on: October 14, 2007

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RIP Mikey – 1995-2007, originally uploaded by shannon_o.

I’ve been sad. Mikey died the other day. He was the best dog they ever had.
He will be missed.

Aidan loved Mikey for a rather odd reason.. Once my folks picked Aidan up
from school while Mikey was in the car and got car sick. A1 thought this was
the most amazing thing he’d ever seen and he still talks about it to this


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  • Gramsey: I love seeing the pictures of Ariana at her school. She seems to having a ball. I am glad she has some sand to play with. LTA
  • Gramsey: They look like they are having so much fun. LTA Gramsey


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